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VelaSmooth for cellulite reduction!

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If you have cellulite, we can help! The VelaSmooth treatment machine combines infrared and Radiofrequency energy technology with tissue mobilization and suction to provide you  with a device that has proven to be an effective cellulite and fat reduction body contouring tool.


In fact, it is the first clinically proven medical device to penetrate deep enough into the subcutaneous layer of the skin where the fatty tissues reside to treat cellulite and non-invasively contour the body. Treatments are done twice a week for 4 – 6 weeks for best results and can be combined with cryotherapy (application of intense cold to kill billions of fat cells at a time) and/or far infrared saunas on a specific schedule for even better results! Maintenance treatments are recommended after your initial treatment series.



Our technicians can help to plan a treatment schedule for you that suits your particular needs and all of our consultations are absolutely free!

To celebrate summer and give you a boost, About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic is now offering you the chance to discover the amazing benefits of the VelaSmooth technology for 40% off our already low prices for packages bought in July of 2018!

Call 519-542-0079 today to book your consultation and see how we can help you to have your best summer body all year round!

Happy summer and goodbye cellulite!

Carolyn Vandersluis, owner and operator

About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic, Sarnia, Ontario


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