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Photo Facials

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One of the most popular treatments that we offer at About Face Laser and Wellness Clinic is the photo facial. It is a laser treatment using an Intense Pulsed Light laser to reduce pigmentation and redness, firm the skin and provide overall rejuvenation.

I have personally seen amazing results using this strategy to treat the skin. UV radiation is the number one cause of skin damage and ageing. Over time, the damaged skin cells become senile and confused. Brown spots (hyperpigmentation) appear and the tone of the skin becomes uneven. The photo facial aids in reducing these spots and evening the skin tone. Combined with the use of products with special ingredients to reduce pigmentation and correct cells, results can be astounding. Redness of the skin is often caused by broken capillaries, also caused in part by sun damage and trauma. Photo facials will help to reduce this redness as well.

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The energy of the laser penetrates into the skin to the appropriate depth for targeting the unwanted pigment and small blood vessels. In the case of pigment, the heat created by the energy of the laser light is absorbed by the dark spot and the pigment is destroyed. The dark spot generally gets darker as it comes to the surface of the skin and flakes off. For small blood vessels, the intense pulse of light breaks up the vessel and the body absorbs it, leaving the skin free of redness and broken capillaries.

I would like everyone to feel that treatments such as the IPL photo facial are within their financial reach. When I purchased About Face in March of this year, I lowered the price on the photo facial so that it would be affordable for all. Our regular price is only $100 per treatment. Our technicians are fully trained and have decades of experience in the field. Our ability to analyze the skin and to treat it with the IPL and the other machines that we have at our disposal is second to none. This is an important consideration as lasers can be harmful when not used correctly and safely.

The photo facial is a staple treatment. As with any other treatment, we require a consultation (always free of charge) and a patch test before beginning with the actual treatment. Call us at 519-542-0079. We will look forward to seeing you!

Very sincerely, Carolyn Vandersluis

owner and operator of About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic

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