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I have been waiting to find time for the amazing Alycia Grohs to do microblading on my brows so that I could report back to all of you about my experience. Today was the big day!

I had seen both pictures of Alycia’s work and the product of her efforts on actual clients that were impressive and she did not disappoint today! Alycia has had many years of experience as a practicing esthetician and has recently trained in microblading, which is a a form of semi-permanent makeup that partially or fully fills in eyebrow hairs using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. She is quickly gaining a very satisfied clientele who now have fantastic brows!

For myself, as I am maturing, I have lost some of the fullness in my brows and I fill them in every day with a brow gel and brush when I do my makeup application. This is fine but time consuming and when I am not wearing makeup, I have noticed that the brows are becoming less noticeable and that makes my face a little washed out. Also, when I was younger the trend was to have very thin eyebrows and I am sure that this has contributed to my not being able to grow nice, luscious brows back! This is me early this morning with my makeup on! (yes I am in the car at the drive through!)


After Alycia took my makeup brows off and had a look at my natural brows, we discussed what shape, size and colour I was looking for. I had some photos that I took from the internet to show her that I liked and I think that was helpful. She took her time measuring and marking out the new brow shape for me and gave me control over the the final decision, which I really liked. She applied a numbing cream to my eyebrow area prior to the measuring so I would be ready to start the treatment.



Alycia mixed and tested a few colours on me to determine which one was best for my colouring while the numbing cream sat on my brows under the plastic wrap! We went with the middle one. The treatment involves using a sterile blade dipped in the pigment to create small incisions that mimic brow hairs and Alycia uses a system that has one time use tools and disposables. I was really impressed with the highest levels of sanitation and infection control. It was fairly comfortable and I was relaxed throughout the procedure.


I am very happy with my final results. My forehead is a little blotchy from the pigments but that will go away quickly! I have some video of the procedure that you can check out on our Facebook page and Instagram @aboutfacesarnia if that interests you! The results should last about a year which is great. If you might be interested in speaking to Alycia, she will be at our Open House on Saturday, March 24 from 10-4. She will also be offering 10% off her already low price for clients that book and pay on the day of the Open House. She can do a quick consultation with you that day as well.

Thank you Alycia!

Carolyn Vandersluis, owner of About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic

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