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Lasers! What to look for and what to ask!

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Laser treatments are becoming more common and are being offered in many locations. Not only are lasers for aesthetics used in medical aesthetics clinics like our own About Face Laser and Medical Aesthetics; they are being used in spa locations as well as doctors and dental practices. Understanding how lasers work will help you to choose the best treatments for your special needs. Of course, the topic of lasers and aesthetic treatments is broad and deep. In this blog post, I will focus on the basic differences between aesthetic lasers and medical lasers and why you should choose medical lasers for your skincare solutions.


Lasers use the power of light to create reactions that will help to correct particular problems such as hyperpigmentation (brown spots), hirsutism (excessive hair growth), skin tightening, lipolysis (destruction of fat cells), skin resurfacing, removal of lesions and many other complications. The best lasers are lasers that allow a broad range of settings to accommodate the many different approaches that will best remedy your particular skincare need.

Lasers come in many forms. These include Nd:Yag (wavelength of 1070 nm), Erbium Yag (2940 nm), Ruby (690 nm), Alexandrite (755 nm) and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light, 500-1200 nm) to name a few. Simply put, the wavelength of the laser determines how deep the laser can penetrate into the skin and what kinds of clinical endpoints you can expect from the laser treatment. Medical lasers have longer wavelengths and more variety of wavelengths. This means that they can offer you more power and more diversity.


Lasers also have different types of beams. The best beam for consistent laser energy within a pulse is a flat top beam. This means that the energy delivered to the skin has a square pulse with a uniform energy throughout the beam. The Fotona laser system has this type of flat top square pulse and is of the highest standard for medical lasers that can be used for aesthetic purposes. About Face Laser and Medical Aesthetics owns the Fotona SP Dynamis laser, which boasts quality and intensity beyond the average lasers available. The safety and performance that the Fotona Laser system offers is your best choice for your aesthetics needs. To see what the professionals say about the Fotona check out this video:


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