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laser peels on sale!

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Laser peels are one of our most popular services! Using the Fotona SP Dynamis Erbium Yag Laser to peel the upper layers of the epidermis has a variety of benefits, including increased cell turnover, smoother and softer skin, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation caused by sun damage. Laser peels can also help to correct scarring and the pigmentation caused by scarring and inflammation of the skin.

The epidermis is approximately 100 microns thick. A light laser peel removes the top 20 microns and stimulates cellular turnover. This increases the natural collagen production in your skin, making it more flexible and firm! Removing this tissue also aids in the reduction of unwanted pigment found in the non-living upper layers of the skin. This increases the brightness of the skin! Those fine lines and wrinkles will be less deep and the skin will be smoother overall.
How can you lose? Laser peels are a winner!

Every month, About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic has a sale that lasts the entire month. Clients appreciate this as they can stock up on their favourite services and use the services when it is appropriate and convenient. For the entire month of October, our special is on the light laser peel for only $189 (regular price is $300!).

Come in and take advantage of this terrific sale. As usual, all of our consultations are free and without obligation. Speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians about how we can help you!
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