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How to feel like you haven’t let yourself go during the COVID-19 crisis

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This truly is a very strange time we are experiencing right now.  Most of us are working from home and may feel like we are letting ourselves go a little bit, I know I haven’t been wearing very much makeup at all these days.  I do however, always keep up my skin routine because I feel that’s so important and it does make you feel good as well.  I exercise everyday and always wear my TIZO sunscreen even indoors.  When we all get back to our normal lives it will be so much easier getting back to our routines if we’ve kept up the basics.    Your skin will thank you for it.

It’s always good to have something to look forward to everyday at this time.  I enjoy movies so I’ve been indulging in a lot of Netflix.  It’s my escape and we all need that right now.

We are delivering product to your homes right now if you need us.  We will abide by the proper protocol of distancing.

Be safe everyone,


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