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hot sculpting

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I am frequently amazed at the range of conditions that the Fotona SP Dynamis laser can treat. We are always doing research into new treatments and how we can help our clients with their concerns. Lately, we have added snoring treatments (more on this in a future blog!) and hot sculpting for fat loss to our repertoire of laser services and we are thrilled to announce that these treatments are working well for our clients!


Hot sculpting targets fat cells with laser light and heat and destroys them forever! I understand that this sounds too good to be true but it is absolutely a fact! The specific wavelength of the laser in smooth mode allows deep heat to penetrate in to the adipose tissues (fat) and accelerate apoptosis (cell death). There is a big difference between cell death and tissue death (necrosis) and a fine line when treating for fat loss. Medical grade lasers with specific parameters and exacting treatment protocols should be sought out for efficiency, results and ultimately, your safety.

Fotona’s treatment parameters are safe and effective and have clinical studies to back up their science and technology (see their website for more info) Fat┬áloss and skin tightening happen in the same session and the body flushes away the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system and elimination. Treatments can be done once a month or on an accelerated schedule of once a week with certain considerations.

Diet and exercise is not always enough. Ageing, weight loss and time takes it’s toll on the body and sagging skin is a common problem for many people. Hot sculpting can help! This ┬átreatment is non-invasive, safe and an amazing alternative to surgical interventions.

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Sincerely, Carolyn Vandersluis,

owner and operator of About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic



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  1. Wendy Hill

    I’m very interested in the hot sculpting, I’m wondering what the cost is for a treatment?

    • Hello Wendy. Thank you for your interest. Please check prices in the pricing tab for treatments. Best value is to buy a package of 12 for $999. This sale will go on to the year end. Call 519-542-0079 to book your free consultation.

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