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has your skin care stopped working?

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It can be frustrating when you find that your skin care is not working like it used to. Even the very best products can fail to perform continually year after year! It may be time to change your skin care routine and/or products to give your skin a fresh start.

There are numerous reasons why skin care stops being effective. The condition of the skin changes with the seasons, ageing and from many internal and external factors. As the skin changes, tweaks are required in your routine to maintain the best care for your skin. Having a trained and experienced professional examine your skin and provide you with a thorough analysis routinely is an excellent strategy for maintaining great skin. Qualified aestheticians will keep you on the right track, meeting your particular needs with the right products to care for it! Choosing skin care involves consideration of many factors and it pays to have trained professionals help you to make the decisions for taking the very best care of your individual skin type and condition!

The changing of the seasons pays a large part in how our skin performs throughout the years. What we do for our skin in the summer will not do the same for us in the winter months. Having a facial at the change of seasons is a great strategy for maintaining your skin and knowing what is going on with it at the moment!

The efficacy of products will wane over time. The skin gets used to the same treatment and the same products. Surprising the skin with something new will kickstart the many processes that keep the skin in great condition, including increased cell turnover and the production of new collagen and elastin. It is not always a matter of completing overhauling your routine. It may be a simple matter of adding in a new and effective product strategy, such as a serum that contains a high level of active ingredients for your skin. Or, it may be time to wake your skin up with a beneficial service such as a specialized facial or a light laser peel



BRrejudicareAt About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic, we carry a number of amazing skincare lines, including Rejudicare, Clayton Shagal, Obaji and Biologique Recherche. Our skin care specialists have a wealth of knowledge and many years of practical experience with skin analysis and treatments. Our equipment and treatment options are up to date and effective. Book a facial with one of our technicians and ask about how we can help you with your skin, to make it more beautiful and healthy! Or, book a free consultation to see what types of treatments are best for you and your skin and body!

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