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Reduce Cellulite and Contour Your Body With VelaShape™

About Face and Body is pleased to offer our customers access to one of the most advanced body shaping and cellulite reducing machines on the market. In as few as four treatments, VelaShape™ can slim, shape and contour your body without downtime or significant discomfort.

Incremental results in the areas we treat with VelaShape™ can be seen after your very first treatment – with the skin surface of the treated area feeling smoother. Results in overall size and the reduction of cellulite will become the most apparent 6-8 weeks after your last treatment.

VelaShape™ is effective and safe for all skin types. Short-term effects may include mild bruising or redness, however, most patients who experience VelaShape™ treatments liken the experience to a deep-tissue massage with added warmth!

The majority of patients find VelaShape™ treatments to be quite comfortable. The VelaShape™ treatment is tailored to accommodate your personal sensitivity and level of comfort. Experiencing a warm sensation on your skin for a few hours post treatment is normal. The surface of your skin may also be more red than usual for a few hours post-treatment.

Combining Bi-Polar RF, Infrared Light, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage makes VelaShape™ highly effective. The VelaShape™ technology can produce visible results quickly!

VelaShape™ is currently available to you at About Face and Body. Call today to make an appointment for a free consultation!


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