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Tightening and Tight Sculpting

Skin Tightening Treatments

Skin TighteningGive your skin the healthy glow it deserves while you reverse the visible signs of aging. The Fotona SP Dynamis enables us to tighten, tone, and rejuvenate skin, with unparalleled precision, while you undergo the most delicate and painless photo-light procedure on the market. The SP Dynamis does far more than skin tightening. It offers a variety of beautifying options that make it one of the most highly sought-after tools on the market.

This Fotona SP Dynamis is not your average laser machine. The Fotona SP Dynamis system is actually two lasers in one; the Er:YAG and the Nd:YAG. These are the two most advanced non-surgical lasers available. The combination of these lasers allows us a lot of versatility in the procedures we can offer – including the option of skin tightening which is becoming more popular as laser technology advances. Skin tightening treatments typically involve a two step process that encourages collagen production and tightens the skin. Eye tightening is also available with the Fotona in smooth mode and is safe to use even over the eyelids and directly under the eye area. The Fotona 4D facial combines tightening and collagen remodelling with laser peeling.

Tightening for the body is especially effective when combined with laser peeling and hot sculpting (a specialized treatment for destroying fat cells permanently!). See the link for more information on Tight sculpting 

With Fotona SP Dynamis, we don’t just help tighten your skin – we can customize your treatment to ensure your skin reacts and tightens in a way that’s optimized for you. Call the office and arrange a consultation today to learn how tighter skin can be yours with the Fotona SP Dynamis.

Tight Sculpting

If unwanted fat and/or sagging skin is an issue for you, we can help! Tight Sculpting using the Fotona SP Dynamis permanently destroys fat cells while maintaining the surrounding tissues and tightens the skin, providing firmer, smoother and younger looking skin. Check out the brochure on this amazing service here. Call us at 519-542-0079 to book your free consultation today!


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