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PRP – Vampire Facelift

Tap Into the Power of Your Own Platelet Rich Plasma For Facial Rejuvenation

Vampire FaceliftWe harness the power of the body’s natural growth factors found in your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to offer a powerful and unique facial rejuvenation service. Our PRP facelift and skin rejuvenation uses your very own bioactive PRP which contains multiple, naturally-occurring growth factors that promote restoration of skin tissues and production of collagen to give your skin that younger, radiant feel. The end result is visibly improved skin texture and the erasure of aging and stress lines.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments can be used to rejuvenate the unwanted signs of aging by repairing loose skin and lines on and around the face (cheeks, eyes and neck) as well as hands, knees, thighs and stomach. PRP produces visible results on areas that were once considered cosmetically difficult to treat.

Each PRP treatment takes about 45 minutes and most patients require little-or-no downtime afterward. Some of our patients have experienced brief, mild puffiness and/or bruising. And, while regeneration can begin with the first treatment, the best results are seen with 2 or three treatments spread 4-6 weeks apart.

If you’re looking for softer lines, beautifully refined skin texture and an overall feeling of rejuvenation, our Platelet Rich Plasma treatment should be of interest to you. Dr. James Maytham performs all PRP treatments and consultations are free.

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    hi was just wondering if you have to pay for a consultation tosee what you might like to have done

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