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Hydrodermabrasion With JET-M Technology

HydrodermabrasionJet-M is an all natural, painless skin exfoliation and hydration treatment that dramatically improves your skin’s appearance and texture – leaving it vibrant and smooth. This gentle “pressure wash” uses a saline solution to remove any built-up debris in your skin and can be performed on the face, hands, feet, chest and back. Jet-M Hydrodermabrasion is effective at improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles and removing of unwanted pigmentation. It can also be used as treatment for acne, blackheads and other comedone eruptions.

Features and benefits of Jet-M technology are proven: It’s safe, painless and you’ll experience zero downtime afterward. The system hydrates your skin while it exfoliates, and it cleans deep within your pores while reducing wrinkles.

The powerful water and air technology of the Jet-M system replaces the crystals of microdermabrasion with water and air to bring you instantly clearer and smoother skin.

The patented technology of the Jet-M system creates supersonic two-phase jet-streams of micro-droplets that produce enough pressure to effectively exfoliate exactly how we want it to. The Jet-M gives the operator complete control over how deeply or finely we work with the jets. Even fine, delicate sensitive skin responds well to the Jet-M.

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4 Responses to Hydrodermabrasion

  1. Jaime Chambers

    Hello Caroline! Does this help with old acne scars? My acne isn’t bad anymore but the texture from the scars is horrible.

    • Hi Jaime! The hydrodermabrasion may slightly improve the look of the scarring, but scar revision using the laser to peel the skin would be much more effective. Call us and make an appointment (free) for a consultation! 519-542-0079 Hope to see you soon!

  2. Sarah

    How much is the treatment ?

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