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Hair Restoration

A Natural Way to a Fuller, Thicker Head of Hair for Both Men and Women

 Hair RestorationA fuller head of hair can be yours – surgery-free. Aside from being one of the most effective skin rejuvenation techniques available, hair restoration is also being successfully uses as an alternative to surgery when it comes to hair restoration options. The hair restoration brings dormant hair follicles to life and encourages new growth for a thicker head of hair for both men and women.

Hair loss among women can be the result of many natural factors. And, while it is a very sensitive topic, there has traditionally been a lack of viable options for reversing the effects of thinning hair among women. Hair restoration gives women renewed hope by helping them regain their confidence and self-esteem without the need for surgery.

For men, hair restoration treatments can mean a full head of hair without the need for surgery and the painful recovery that often accompanies the procedure. Hair restoration means no more obvious rows of hair plugs, no more scars, and no more need for surgery and the pain that’s often associated with it. While it may sound too good to be true, the success stories of hair rejuvenation prove that it’s an effect hair restoration treatment option.

If you’re ready for a surgery-free way to re-grow a thinning or lost head of hair, our hair rejuvenation treatment could be an option. Dr. James Maytham performs this amazing treatment and all consultations are free!

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