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SP Dynamis

About Face and Body is proud to be the first clinic in Canada to offer their clients the Fotona SP Dynamis Laser. Fotona is the most recognized laser manufacturer in Europe with 50+ years experience. They are internationally recognized as leaders and pioneers in the ground breaking development of precision laser systems.

After many years in the aesthetics field and the constant search for new and innovative treatments, the Fotona SP Dynamis laser became the obvious choice for About Face and Body to expand their services to our clients.


About Face and Body can offer you a wide range of services with the highest performance laser in the world and we are constantly researching new treatments and options for you!

The SP Dynamis is a two in one laser consisting of a ND: Yag and Erbium: Yag. Cutting edge scanners enhance the efficiency of procedures on small and large ares of face and body. It offers the gold standard in all treatment options.


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