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Facial Treatments From About Face and Body

FacialRadiant. Youthful. Glowing. These are just a few of the words used to describe that feeling you get after a really good facial treatment. At About Face and Body, that feeling is now easier to get than ever.

After a facial treatment, you’ll walk out with a radiant and youthful complexion and the self confidence to take on whatever comes your way. No matter that type of skin you have, our professional staff has the right training and the right products to customize your experience and give you the facial treatment that’s right for you. Try a cleansing facial, specialized facial, a microdermabrasion or Jet M hydrodermabrasion treatment and watch the skin glow with renewal! Our Rejudicare and Clayton Shagal products will benefit your skin and improve it’s overall condition.

Why are facials important to your overall health and beauty?

You exercise, you eat right and you are careful about what foods you put into your body – but, quite often, many of us neglect the part of us that sees a large amount of wear and tear – our face. From the change of the seasons to environmental stress and daily makeup application and removal, it’s our face that often needs more pampering than it gets.

Taking regular care of your face ensure a smoother texture, better hydration and fewer breakouts. In short – facials work wonders! Our highly trained aestheticians know how to pamper you and your skin while ensuring you get the care that’s right for you!


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