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February in Canada. The shortest month of the year, even in this leap year, is often a time of hibernation, reflection and looking ahead to longer, warmer days as we snuggle in to our blankets and sweaters! This can also be a time when we feel a little blue or out of sorts. Short days mean less sunlight and can contribute to a mild seasonal depression. Our sense of well being can become less than optimal. What can we do? This is a vast subject and a passionate one for me. I will attempt to keep it brief while making my point!! 🙂



As an educator in the Aesthetician Program at Lambton College, a trained aesthetician, yoga instructor and nutritionist and the owner of a medical aesthetics and wellness clinic, I have a first-hand view at the power of beauty and wellness on our sense of well-being. And, as an individual who has sought out balance and wellness in her life, I can confidently say that the contentment and ease that is felt when we feel well within ourselves is based dearly on how we feel about the way we look and feel.

We are all unique and special. This should be honoured and accepted. A one size fits all approach to beauty and wellness will never work to raise the self esteem of the community. I think that the key to overall well-being is to be healthy and happy. Inner and outer beauty, a positive attitude and a healthy body that functions as best as it can are the keys to a peace of mind and contentment within each of us.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and often that means that we are hardest on ourselves. Our critical eyes see every flaw when we look in the mirror. I have seen the effects that beauty treatments can have on self esteem and softening the critical eye. Improving or repairing the beauty concerns that we have allows us to see ourselves in a new and more upbeat way. This ultimately improves our outlook on ourselves .

A healthy body that moves and is fed with whole foods and plenty of water is a crucial factor in our sense of well-being. Even regular gentle exercise such as walking or restorative yoga combined with a sensible diet and some quiet time will help us in the journey towards getting to a place of satisfaction and wholeness that will be sustainable and will allow us to feel happy and well.

February. It’s a great time to make some decisions about creating change for ourselves. Making small or large changes are up to you. We can help. About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic will help you to make decisions, guide you through the process, support you along the way and applaud you for your effort as you become more beautiful, more well and have an elevated sense of well-being. Call us, come in, ask lots of questions and let us be part of your journey.

Very sincerely and with care,

Carolyn Vandersluis,

owner and operator of About Face and Body Laser and Wellness Clinic

Sarnia, Ontario

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